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Joining a fraternity or sorority at USC opens the doors to limitless opportunities and lifelong friendships. The USC greek community enhances your personal growth and individuality while linking you to a sisterhood or brotherhood that shares your goals and values. As the largest greek community on the west coast, USC fraternities and sororities will offer you an unforgettable college experience!

USC greeks are driven to succeed in the classroom. In fact, the overall greek GPA is consistently higher than the all-university GPA. To ensure academic growth, each chapter has its own faculty academic advisor, peer mentoring program, and workshops on time management, study habits, and career planning.

The greek community is the ideal place for students to develop their leadership skills. Perhaps that’s why 85% of the student leaders on some 730 campuses nationwide are involved in fraternities and sororities. At USC, each chapter offers a wide range of in-house leadership positions as well as leadership retreats, guest lecturers, and scholarships.

Over the past year, USC greeks have raised almost $200,000 for various charities and given almost 29,000 hours of service to 90 different projects. At USC, fraternities and sororities host annual fundraising events for non-profit organizations and coordinate volunteer work in the local community, like our Greek Service Day beach cleanup held in Long Beach, CA. Songfest is another USC tradition, since 1957, in which different student groups pair together and perform musical skits to raise money for USC’s Troy Camp. Participation in Songfest is a greek highlight during the spring semester, when fraternities and sororities pair together to participate in this popular event.

One of the greatest advantages of greek life is the sisterhood or brotherhood that links you with the other members of your chapter. These lifelong friendships create numerous opportunities for networking and social interaction.

Greeks value diversity and hold events to increase cultural pride and awareness. Membership in our chapters represents many dimensions of diversity.

Greeks at USC enjoy their own intramural sports leagues: Ironman and Helen of Troy. Sports vary byseason, and include football, volleyball, soccer, and dodgeball…to name a few!

Invites, exchanges, mixers, dinners, and tailgates provide USC sorority and fraternity members with an outlet for fun and relaxation. Homecoming and Greek Week are highly anticipated week-long, activityfilled celebrations that promote unity and interfraternalism in our greek community. Balancing work with an active social life is a skill greeks take with them beyond college and into the working world.

When you join a fraternity or sorority at USC, you are joining a community that is as established as the university itself. Being greek provides many Trojans with a foot in the door for internships, interviews, and their first jobs out of college.


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