CHAPTER: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Sigma

MAJORS: Business Administration and Environmental Studies

GPA: 3.73

HOMETOWN: Trabuco Canyon, California

BIO: In his free time, Connor enjoys outdoor pursuits.  He is an avid rock climber/mountaineer and enjoys sharing those skills while leading trips with SC Outfitters.  Connor joined greek life because he felt it was a vital part of the USC experience.  He has created a life-long network of friends that have helped him succeed socially and academically.




CHAPTER: Phi Sigma Kappa, Omega Deuteron

MAJOR: Psychology

MINOR: Critical Approaches to Leadership

GPA: 3.59

HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas

BIO: Jay enjoys playing guitar, playing drums, producing music, taking pictures, and making videos. Jay was set on going greek since coming to USC and has had the privilege of helping to reconstruct an entirely new fraternity and living within its walls. Jay believes greek life has given him valuable skills in planning, conflict management, time management, and how to motivate other people.




CHAPTER: Alpha Tau Omega, Zeta Beta

MAJORS: Popular Music and Business Administration

GPA: 3.86

HOMETOWN: Arcadia, California

BIO: In addition to being the University’s first student to double major in Music and Business, JJ enjoys singing with his band,  swimming in the pool, or refereeing water polo games. JJ decided to go greek in order to develop social skills with people from all majors, as well as truly experience a collegiate environment.  Since joining ATO, JJ has met some of the best friends he’s ever had, and witnessed firsthand a group of people accept all different types of students and personalities.



CHAPTER: Sigma Nu, Epsilon Omicron

MAJOR: Communications, Pre-Med

GPA: 3.55

HOMETOWN: Palos Verdes, California

BIO: In his time off, Jeremy loves playing guitar, reading, watching television, playing sports, and being with friends and family.  Jeremy believes that being in a fraternity has given him invaluable experiences that have taught him hard work, loyalty, dedication, patience, honor, and love. From it, he has not only grown and made valuable connections, but also created unforgettable memories.


CHAPTER: Delta Chi

MAJOR: Industrial and Systems Engineering

GPA: 3.87

HOMETOWN: Northbrook, Illinois

BIO: Joel enjoys participating in and leading wilderness trips and is a voracious reader of anything college football, supporting especially the USC Trojans and Wisconsin Badgers. Joel joined greek Life to belong to a tight-knit community while exploring all the opportunities at USC and through his involvement has cultivated close friendships, collected many cherished memories, and developed himself as a person and leader.


CHAPTER: Sigma Nu, Epsilon Omicron

MAJOR: Broadcast and Digital Journalism and History

GPA: 3.67

HOMETOWN: Kansas City, Kansas

BIO: For Logan, an ideal day at USC would be playing sand volleyball and barbecuing before watching the Trojans play football. Logan believes that Greek life offers a great social foundation at a large university like USC and that the leadership opportunities and real-world lessons Greeks learn are great preparation for life after graduation.



CHAPTER: Lambda Chi Alpha, Zeta Delta

MAJOR: Business (Cinematic Arts)

GPA: 3.80

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Canada

BIO: Sports and movies are Patrick’s two favorite hobbies and he enjoys nothing better than a day on the slopes followed by a some hot cocoa, a warm fire, good company, and a great flick. Patrick joined greek life at USC because he wanted to be a part of a smaller close-knit community within the greater USC student body and make some great friendships along the way. Patrick believes that greek life has provided him with amazing relationships, strong connections, a sense of belonging, growth as a person, interpersonal skills, leadership experiences, and memories to last a lifetime.



CHAPTER: Alpha Gamma Omega, Pi

MAJOR: Architecture

GPA: 3.66

HOMETOWN: Midland, Michigan

BIO: Phillip grew up playing golf, loves to watch the Ryder Cup, and looks forward to playing in golf leagues after he graduates. He also designs and builds furniture on the side and some of his work is for sale in Chicago area. Phillip joined greek life to find a group of guys to call brothers and family at USC and has discovered that fraternities not only provide the best brotherhood he could have ever imagined, but also present opportunities for personal growth and leadership development. His favorite part of greek life is rush because I get to share in prolonging the lifeblood of such a diverse and exciting community.



CHAPTER: Phi Delta Theta, California Delta

MAJOR: Policy, Planning, and Development (Urban Planning)

GPA: 3.95

HOMETOWN: Klamath Falls, Oregon

BIO: Whether he is spending weekend checking out a neighborhood in Los Angeles, road tripping the Southwest, or solo-backpacking in Burma, Tay loves to accumulate experiences by exploring and travelling. Tay comes from a family with heavy involvement in the greek system and he joined the greek system to establish the type of relationships his parents still share with their greek brothers and sisters. Tay felt that joining a fraternity would help him achieve the optimal college experience and has not been disappointed in the slightest.

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