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Sunday 1/18/15:


Alumni Park: 2:30-5 PM
Come join us on the 18th for a casual BBQ. Enjoy the food, walk around and meet brothers from every chapter, scout out what chapters you feel comfortable with, and just have a good time. Be sure to take as much information on each chapter’s rush schedules, as all are different throughout the week.

Monday 1/19/15:


28th Street: 4-7 PM
All 21 fraternities will be represented on or near 28th Street this night so head on out for dinner and house tours.

Tuesday 1/20/15 – Thursday 1/22/15:


Examples range from comedy shows at the Laugh Factory, shooting pool at Jake’s Pool Hall in Pasadena, all the way to target practice at an LAX Firing Range.

Friday 1/23/15:


Formal, Invite-Only Dinners are held at premier restaurants throughout the city.

Saturday 1/24/15:


After deciding which chapter they would most like to be a part of, potential members are invited to return to that house for an evening gathering to potentially receive a bid. If you are offered a bid, you have the option of accepting, declining, or holding. If you do not receive a bid, don’t worry–there is a grace period where late bids are handed out. Visit other chapters that you are interested in, and you may be offered a bid anytime in the next 24 hours.

Sunday 1/25/15:


Founders Park: 2-5 PM
For rushees not extended a bid, or who chose not to accept a bid, secondary rush is a chance to meet again with a variety of houses to find the right fit for you.


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