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The next few years of your life will be filled with amazing experiences. To help you make the most of your time here, I strongly encourage you to explore USC’s Greek community. As one of the country’s most diverse universities, USC offers a thriving Greek system for students of all backgrounds, interest, and majors.

Greek life at USC is an experience unlike any other. Our chapters provide opportunities for self -development in a wide variety of areas from expanding your social and profession networking skills with   students and alumni to giving back to the community through philanthropic events to working within a team to compete in our intramural sports leagues to, most importantly, making lifelong friends within your individual chapter or with other Greeks. Getting involved in the Greek community enriches your college experience and also prepares you for your post-college years.

That said, overall, students are at USC to receive an education. While learning skills in extracurricular activities is important, USC Greeks excel within the classroom as well. The average all-Greek men’s GPA is consistently higher than the all-university men’s GPA. We take great pride in this achievement, as it is unique to only a few universities across the nation. Additionally, joining a fraternity provides an excellent academic support network including tutoring, academic advisors, and study hours. Also, very important are the opportunities our fraternities provide for leadership development. USC Greeks have championed great changes and created strong organizations through positions within the Greek community and within other USC organizations.

Looking back at my time at USC, I cannot imagine my college experience without the friends and brothers I have met by “Going Greek.” No matter what you may be looking to gain during your college experience, there is a fraternity that will fit those aspirations. Fraternity rush holds no obligations, and rush events are designed to be an informal and fun way to meet new people. Events include activities such as comedy shows, sports games, paintballing, and many others. I look forward to seeing you at rush events and answering any questions you may have. I hope that throughout your time at the University of Southern California, you will have the same extraordinary undergraduate that I did.



Nick Alfano

IFC Vice President of Recruitment

  • Nick Alfano
    Nick AlfanoVice President of Recruitment
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