Fraternities at USC engage in a plethora of social events throughout the semester coordinated by their executive board. In addition to the weekly social events coordinated at the discretion of each fraternity, all fraternities throughout each semester host invites, date dashes and exchanges in addition to formals that some fraternities plan for Fall or Spring, or for some fraternities, both semesters. In addition to each fraternities independent social calendar, fraternities engage communally in philanthropies, Songfest and Homecoming each year.


Invites are special events whereby brothers find dates in advance and after formal dinners, the chapters and their respective dates head to venues in Malibu, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, among other places for a night of dancing and socializing. Many fraternity invites are formal (i.e. suits, ties, dresses, etc.) while others are themed at the discretion of the fraternity.


Exchanges are exciting, unique ways to engage with entire sororities. Unlike invites, exchanges are limited to two chapters, one fraternity and one sorority. For an exchange, the entire fraternity heads over to the sorority they are exchanging with and after serenading the ladies, both the fraternity and sorority head to an off campus venue to dance and socialize. Exchanges are always themed.

Date Dashes:

Date dashes are fast-paced, more casual social events that each fraternity hosts at least one of throughout each semester. Brothers are told the day of that their chapter has a date dash that night and they have to find a date before heading to a venue of some kind for  a night including but not limited to bowling, ice skating, laser tag, and roller coasters.


Often the highlight of any given semester, each fraternity hosts a formal that involves a weekend off campus to destinations such as Vegas, Palm Springs,Lake Havasu and Catalina Islands, to mention a few. Similar to invites, each brother brings a date along for a weekend filled with jet skiing, beach parties and musical performances brought full circle by world-class resorts and five-star dinners. In addition, many fraternities crown their new “Sweetheart” during their formal, the highest honor given by each fraternity to the girl most devoted to and best friends with the chapter. Formals are a must for any gentleman of a fraternity.


Homecoming week in the Fall semester is a special week for the Greek Row at USC. Usually  in November, a fraternity will ask a sorority to homecoming where both chapters come together throughout the week to socialize and compete against other chapters during the designated “Game night,” “Float Building Contest,” and “Lawn Decorating Contest.” After the first three nights of competition, the fraternities host a mixer on Thursday night, an exchange on Friday night and then a tailgate on game day Saturday morning, all with their respective homecoming sorority. Homecoming week is an exciting week where fraternities and sororities are able to build relationships while inspiring an unmatched sense of Trojan pride for the rest of the community.

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