At the very core of each USC fraternity is the unparalleled bond of brotherhood.

With numerous events throughout every semester, social interaction and networking are readily available to our members in a capacity not matched by any other social organization.  Our members come from all over the world representing every major on campus and the camaraderie that becoming a life-long brother of a fraternity yields ultimately brings one’s college experience full circle. Spending time together and participating in a variety of activities creates shared experiences and lifelong friendships.  Words can hardly describe the invaluable nature of the powerful, diverse brotherhoods that USC’s fraternities bolster.

In order to strengthen the brotherhood and build stronger intra-fraternity bonds, many chapters organize brotherhood events. Throughout each semester, fraternities take weekends to leave the hustle and bustle of school and focus on strengthening their chapter through fun, engaging social activities including, but not limited to the following list;

•Vol­ley­ball and Beach Days •Deep Sea Fishing •Trips to Music Festivals

•Winter Skiing and Snowboarding •Vegas •BBQ’s •Poker Nights •USC Football•Bas­ket­ball Tournaments •Paint-balling •Fan­tasy Brackets •Skeet shooting •Bowling


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