Fraternities at USC pride themselves in their athletic involvement. Countless NCAA athletes have and continue to be a part of the greek community today with athletes from every sport being represented throughout the row. In addition, USC bolsters a strong Greek intramural program with competitive men’s, women’s and coed sports specifically designed to create community amongst Greek students. With programs ranging from flag football to coed volleyball to weightlifting and strong arm contests, Greeks at USC have access to some of the most competitive and engaging intramural athletics in the country.


The USC Ironman challenge is an intramural program that’s designed to encourage diversity in each fraternity’s athletic involvement. Each year, fraternities are awarded a certain amount of points for their involvement and success in each Greek intramural sport offered. At the end of the year, the fraternity that has accumulated the most amount of points is crowned the “Ironman Fraternity” and recognized as the most athletic fraternity at USC.

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